Senior DeMolay Profiles

Senior DeMolay's from Iowa

I take pleasure in testifying that in the eyes of your brethren you have been loyal DeMolays, worthy wearers of the Crown of Youth, which you have now exchanged for the Crown of Manhood. We rejoice if we have helped to prepare you for the solemn tasks upon which you now enter. We glory in the hope that the companionship of the Order has strengthened you in hours of weakness, cheered you in times of loneliness, perhaps saved you in moments of temptation. - Jr. Councilor during the Majority Service

We can only hope that when you reach the evening of your lives you may be able to look back upon a long and happy journey, filled with memories of duties well performed, the western sky glowing the the promise of the everlasting morning. - Sr. Councilor during the Majority Service

DeMolay creates lifelong memories and friends. It impacts its members for life in ways that can sometimes cannot be appreciated until after they are no longer an active member. These profiles from Senior DeMolays from the state of Iowa demonstrate all of these things. Iowa DeMolay has show benefits to them and they have improved Iowa DeMolay with their memberships.

Organized Alphabetically by Last Name

Erik Brincks Perry Casazza Jon DeWaard Peter Grandgeorge  


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